Rivers of Life Online Guests 

The Rivers of Life program features an ongoing stream of guest experts to help you in your study of rivers. Flood experts, archaeologists, adventurers, river pilots and many others spend time chatting with our subscribers in the Conference Center.

Previously, we talked with:

Rivers of Life also features original literary works by many renowned local, regional and national authors. For more information, go to our River Voices area.

Below, you'll find a list of all our past guests, and links to their profile pages. Browse around, and learn more about these fascinating characters.

Lee Hendrix

Lee Hendrix is a Mississippi River boat pilot and accomplished storyteller.  Lee is interested in all topics involving the history, culture, and environment of the river and is excited to have the opportunity to communicate with others about it.

Barbara Liukkonen

Barb Liukkonen is the Program Director of the Rivers Council of Minnesota, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people protect our rivers and streams.
J. Charles Fox  
J. Charles Fox is the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 
John Barry 
John Barry is the renowned author of "The Rising Tide", a fascinating account of the Great Flood of 1927, one of the worst natural disasters in American history. 
Edwin Lyon  
Edwin Lyon is an archaeologist with the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, LA.  He also teaches an applied history course at Tulane University.
Glenn Switkes
Film Producer and conservationist who joins Rivers of Life from Grosso Brazil. Glenn is a program director for the International Rivers Network
Steve Chapple
Environmental writer for National Geographic and other publications who is working on a book about the Zambezi. 
Dr. Cecil Keen
Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he directs the Weather Analysis Laboratory. Born and raised in Zimbabwe.
Victor Misenzhnikov
Professor at Perm Pedagogical University in Russia, Director of a regional center of environmental education, and Regional Coordinator of the GLOBE program. 
Gerald Yang
and Yang Xin
Yang Xin has made 5 expeditions to explore the Yangtze source area for research and photo-taking. During this 8-year period, he saw a number of ecological problems in this area. 
Emily Leach
and Simon Read

Emily Leach is the education officer and curator at the River and Rowing Museum ( RRM) in Henley on Thames, and Simon Read is the Regional Environment Protection Manager for the Thames Region of the Environment Agency. 

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