Roger Aiken
Energy & Environment Expert

Roger Aiken is one of CGEE's energy-wise experts. He specializes in studying the way that energy flows through our physical environment, and how human activities and technology have changed these flow patterns over the years. He is particularly concerned about the impacts that fossil fuel and nuclear energy extraction, conversion and use have had on our environment and here in Minnesota, perhaps more than most other States, the vulnerability into which it has placed our economic health. 

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This New Zealand native is the Executive Director of the CREED (Coon Rapids Regional Energy/Environment Demonstration) Project, a nonprofit corporation that educates Minnesotans about the impacts of energy supply, conversion and use on the environment and our economic prosperity. CREED uses the 3Es--Energy, Environment, Economy in demonstrations of sustainable technologies and lifestyles. 

Roger received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and has also studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, where he majored in Heat Transfer, Operations Research and Solar Energy. As a Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota, he administered the Solar Energy and Bio-Energy Study Groups, initiated The Renewable Energy Environment (TREE) Collection, Coordinated a "Code and Financing Study of Earth Sheltered Buildings" and managed data collection covering "underground space" and "earth sheltered houses" for the Underground Space Center. As an Energy Research Analyst at the Minnesota Energy Agency, he coordinated and managed alternative energy research and policy for Minnesota and was specifically responsible for the preparation of reports for the "Alternative Energy Research and Development Policy Formulation Project," the first ever detailed assessment of Minnesota's own renewable energy potential covering the eight areas of Active Solar, Passive Solar, Wind, Biomass Production, Biomass Conversion, Timber, Urban Solid Waste, and Peat. 

Roger was the recipient of the N.W. Bell Telephone Award for the best educational entry in the Minnesota Energy Design '79 Competition, a finalist and prize winner in the 1983 Honeywell Futurist Awards Competition, a foundation member of Falcon Height's Solid Waste Commission, a member of the Education Subcommittee of Mayor Latimer's Committee of 100 and is a biographee in "Who's Who in the Midwest" and Who's Who in Science and Engineering."

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