Mississippi River Haiku
 green hued aurora 
 darts above Lake Bemidji
new journey begins

 pristine northern lake
 golden needled tamaracks
 precious water source

 morning air, cold hands 
 light mist rises from river 
 slowly fades away

 wild asparagus 
 ferny sprays of golden flame 
 warming roadside view

 warm sun on my face 
 dragonfly on my finger 
 slow moving river

 water falls from dam 
 framed by arch of busy bridge 
 rocks on river bank

 falling aspen leaves 
 land on river, 
 drift away late afternoon sun

 power plant's smokestack 
 looms high above water's flow 
 guarded entrance gate

 jet roars overhead 
 construction truck's loud booming 
 robin softly chirps

 small river island 
 travelers from far away 
 share meaningful talk

 on far river bank 
 gull tears into old fish flesh 
 two crows stand watching

 quiet night's lodging 
 old river flows on its way 
 leaving me behind

 gray morning river 
 no sunrise in eastern sky 
 night dreams drift away

 precipitous bluffs 
 old shore of ancient river 
 memory remains

 quiet sunset scene hills 
 transformed in waning light 
 how am I changing

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