Mississippi River Haiku, Part 2
light rain on window 
wet leaves covering pavement
daylight ends so soon 

 riding cable car 
 nearly straight up Dubuque's bluff 
 river comes in view
 strange giant fiddle 
 waits patiently on silo 
 for someone to play
 from corner of eye 
 bird flying from tall tree top 
 no, only a leaf
 retired postal man 
 now shines shoes in rich hotel 
 servant forever
 burning autumn leaves 
 in piles along side of road 
 car passes through smoke
 old temple ruins 
 train whistle through dark night air 
 last century's ghosts
 cascading water 
 flows under old stone arch bridge 
 shiver up my spine
 steamboat leaves from dock 
 music from calliope 
 wafts through river air
 climbing up loose stone 
 small cavern in limestone bluff 
 what need for motel
 long distance phone call 
 snow flakes fall on Wheeler Hill 
 distant miles away
 shadow on river 
 low, late afternoon sunshine 
 swirling back current

Mississippi River Haiku
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