Mississippi River Haiku, Part 3
colored feathers hang 
 in small tree above old grave 
 swaying restlessly 
 between two rivers 
 flowing far from east, from west 
 triangle of land 
 flight of pelicans 
 heading south in autumn air 
 flapping, gliding by 
 fields of cotton 
 small white puffs on spindly plants 
 ready to harvest 
 gray weathered tombstones 
 relocation monument 
 mockingbird flies by 
 resting on levee 
 wading egrets search for food 
 turtles rest on stumps 
 far above river 
 thousands of soldier's gravestones 
 gleam in late day sun 
 civil war cannon 
 points toward river from high bluff 
 echo still resounds 
 old Natchez mansions 
 beckon tourists - peak inside 
 tall silent oak trees 
 brown sugar mountains 
 piled high in gray warehouse 
 where can I rent skis 
 at river road's end 
 far down on southern delta 
 garbage everywhere 
 thirty days on road 
 following great river course 

 spirit sinking in

Mississippi River Haiku
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