"Water is a living thing: it is life itself. In it life began." 

Sample List
"The French Broad",
A Rivers of America volume.
Latest Edition, Wakestone Books
282 Clifton Heights Rd.
Newport, TN 37821
 (423) 623-7394

"Neither Black Nor White"
(With James Stokely)
Holt Rinehart

"Seeds of Southern Change"
(With James Stokely)
University of Chicago

"The Tall Woman"
A novel, now in it 39th printing
Latest Edition, Wakestone Books
282 Clifton Heights Rd
    Newport, TN 37821
    (423) 623-7394

"The Far Family"
A novel. 
Latest Edition,
Wakestone Books
282 Clifton Heights Rd
    Newport, TN 37821
    (423) 623-7394

"Return the Innocent Earth"
A novel.  Holt, Rinehart.
Paperback Edition,
New American Library

"At Home In the Great Smokies"
(With James Stokely III)
National Park Service

"Too Many People, Too Little Love", 
A Biography of Edna Rankin McKinnon.
Holt, Rinehart

Check out Wilma's writings
  My River is Your River, Our River
"A Tall Woman" (an excerpt)
"French Broad" (an excerpt)

Wilma Dykeman, 

River Writer

In the introduction to her book, "The French Broad", Wilma Dykeman writes, "...this is the chronicle of a river and a watershed, and a way of life where yesterday and tomorrow meet in odd and fascinating harmony... Dwellers of the French Broad country are learning an ancient lesson in all their natural resources; it is easy to destroy overnight treasures that cannot be replaced in a generation, easy to destroy in a generation that which cannot be restored in centuries." 

Because the river belongs to everyone, it is the possession of no one. Wilma Dykeman (Mrs. James R. Stokely) is a resident of Asheville, NC and Newport, TN., where she has been honored as the town's first lady. A graduate of Northwestern University, she is an honorary Phi Beta Kappa and the recipient of several honorary doctoral degrees.

She has been a Fellow, a Senior Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and recipient of many awards, including the Tennessee Conservation Writer of the Year Award, Chicago Friends of American Writers Award, Tennessee Conservation Writer of the Year Award, the Distinguished Southern Writer of the Year Award and the Outstanding Speaker of the Year Award by the Tennessee Teachers of Speech Association. Dykeman, with her husband, was recipient of the prestigious Hillman Award for the best book  published in America on civil liberties, race relations or world peace. The author of numerous books, Wilma Dykeman has taught at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and numerous workshops for writers. She has lectured at Harvard, Duke, the University of Minnesota and many other universities and colleges. Each year she fills some 30 to 50 speaking engagements in all parts of the United States. Dykeman has published articles in the nation's leading magazines and newspapers, reviews in historical and literary journals, and contributed to the Encyclopedia Britannica. A member of the board of Berea College and the University of North Carolina, she serves on many regional and national committees dealing with history, current affairs, conservation, women's issues and studies of literature and the humanities. She has traveled widely throughout the United States and the world, and has written numerous travel articles. Referring to life in Tennessee, writing and traveling, Wilma Dykeman has said, "A sense of one's place and of history makes distant places less strange and the past more pertinent to the present." 

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