Reflections on the world's
great river systems 

Rivers of Life's distinguished guest authors share ideas and experiences. Click on a name for a profile of that author, or click here for a list of articles by the authors listed below

Our Distinguished Authors
Wilma Dykeman Novelist and Tennessee historian
Peter Lourie Adventurer and explorer
Michael Czarnecki Poet and lover of all things "river"
Ike Hastings Riverboat builder and adventurer
John Caddy Poet and producer of CGEE's Self Expressing Earth program
Roger Aiken Director of CREED
John Shepard Father of Rivers of Life
Andrea Myhre Former member of CGEE, now working in the Peace Corps in Mongolia
Dean Felsing River rafter, a modern day Huck Finn
Joe Riederer Teacher and essayist
Tracy Fallon

CGEE's Communications Specialist and Rivers of Life Associate Producer

John Anfinson National Park Service

Click here for a list of articles by the authors listed below

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