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Amazon: A Young Reader's Look at the Last Frontier
Yukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the Klondike
Everglades: Buffalo Tiger & the River of Grass
Hudson River: An Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea
In the Path of Lewis and Clark: Traveling the Missouri
The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd 
Erie Canal: Canoeing America's Great Waterway
Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico 

Peter Lourie - River Writer

"After canoeing the entire length of the Hudson River, I wrote three books: Hudson River 1992, The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd, 1996, and River of Mountains, 1995. Since that journey, I've gone on to write about other rivers, too (Yukon, Amazon, Everglades, Missouri, Erie Canal, and now the Rio Grande). For the past six years I have taken my stories into schools, hauling my canoe, paddles, camping gear, and slides into school auditoriums and cafeterias to talk about rivers and keeping journals for writing adventure books.

Rivers are living mysteries. They link the past to the future. They inspire adventure and peace. They take us home even as they take us to new frontiers  "In visiting up to 70 schools a year, I've found teachers and their students working on all aspects of rivers - river exploration, river ecology, river chemistry, river history, river people, river math, and much more. Most of these teachers are unaware of other teachers in similar grades studying the same rivers. 
"That's when I became interested in using the Internet to help educators and students commun- 
icate what they've found. My friend and Internet explorer Susan Bates and I thought a resource for river information for schools on the Web might help. So, RiverResource was born--a place where students of rivers can begin to explore new information. Through RiverResource, Susan and I discovered Rivers of Life. I'm very excited to expand the reach of my river education work through this program." 

Peter holds a B.A. in classics from New York University, an M.A. in English literature from the University of Maine, and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Columbia University. He has taught writing at Columbia University, the University of Vermont and Middlebury College.

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