Links to Amazon River Resources

This site is a presentation of the Amazon Rivers Program and gives a great overview of the river.

This site is put on by the Science Museum of Minnesota and gives a lot of useful information on the Amazon River Basin.

This site gives information on the great rivers of the world and the factors threatening their health.

This is another site put on by the Amazon Rivers Program. Each month they present another chapter from the book Floods of Fortune- Ecology and Economy Along the Amazon by Michael Goulding.

This site is put on by Lagamar Expeditions, a company that specializes in ecotourism and encouraging environmental responsibility.

This site includes 22 activities for use in the classroom and links to similar websites.

Test your knowledge of Amazonia at this website put on by the Discovery Channel.

Learn about whitewater rafting on the Amazon River in Ecuador and check out the cool pictures on this website.

Though this website is put on by a tour company it gives plenty of information about the Amazon River in Peru.

Trivia Question

New Question: What is the biggest threat to the Amazon River?

The First Amazon River Question was: What is the longest snake in the world and where does it live?

Answer--The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world and it lives in the water of the Amazon River. For more information on this and other wildlife of the Amazon, check out some of the web sites listed to the left.

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