A Journey on the River Yangtze

Yikes, a Yangtze dragon coming at us!!! Well, not quite!! Actually, it's a cruise ship with a dragon head on front, a pagoda on top, and a tail at the end. The ship was full of Chinese tourists enjoying the area.

On November 17th, Dr. Tony Murphy and his wife, Kate Kelsch, flew from Beijing to Wuhan for the beginning of their journey on one of the world's great waterways...... the River Yangtze. This was to be the beginning of an incredible river trip....a journey of discovery in an area of China that is its most populous, is undergoing great changes, and is pinning high hopes on a new dam project, which upon completion, will be the largest construction of its kind in the world. Click on the follow links to read the record of their trip.

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Day 1: Getting to the Princess!

Day 2: Upstream through the Jianghan Plains of Central China

Day 3: Curious Gorges!!

Day 4: Buying in the river

Day 5: Hanging Coffins and Acrobats

Day 6: Hydrofoil to a Film Festival

Special Feature: The World's Largest Construction Project--The Three Gorges Dam

One of the beautiful gorges
we pass through on our journey.


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