Links to Mississippi River Resources  
The Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, located in La Crosse and Onalaska, Wisconsin, freely shares a wide range of biological, physical, spatial, and technical data and information relating to the Upper Mississippi River System.  
The Mississippi Headwaters Board (MHB) is a joint powers board of the first eight counties on the Mississippi River. MHB is organized to protect and preserve the natural, cultural, scenic, scientific and recreational values of the river's first 400 miles. 
The legend of Steamboatin' in the Grand Old South. 
Lots of information and links about navigation on the Mississippi River. 
Chad Pregracke's site, detailing his massive 362-mile cleanup of the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Guttenberg, Iowa. This website is devoted to communicating the efforts, successes, the setbacks and the needs of this project. 
Cassville, WI's municipal site, with area history, local attractions, and river information. 
Clinton, IA is a historic lumber town on the Mississippi.  This site has local history, interesting river facts, and area events. 
Student projects from Sabula, IA.  Each student has learned a bit of the rich history of this famous "father of waters." Their individual projects are a chronicle of life along the river. 
The city of Dubuque is named after Julien Dubuque, a French Canadian fur trader who settled in the area in the 178O's.  This site lists everything you might want to know about the city. 
Information on the navigation pools of the Upper Mississippi River. 
Trivia about the Mississippi.  Did you know that each river barge holds 1500 tons, the equivalent of 15 railroad cars or 58 semi trailers? 
An ftp site, featuring articles on the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.  Click any link on the page for more information. 
Created in 1938 from a network of federal, state, and local roads, the Great River Road - also known as the River Road, and commonly abbreviated to "GRR" - forms a single route along the Mississippi from head to toe.  Learn all about it here.

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