River Thames Resources

There is a history of rowing and the river on this page; there are many good links on this page as well.


This website has historiy and pictures about the Thames river bridges from Teddington( upriver rom London) to the Thames Barrier which is below London.

Here is a live webcam showing the Thames river, the Maidenhead Rowing Club's dock and the longest brick expanse in the world, the "Sounding Arch" railroad bridge.

This page has history and pictures about the Tower of London, it is part of series on Elizabethan England.

This is the tale of Hororus who slew the Red Salamander in the Thames river in the 13th century.

This page explains the Thames path runs which is a hiking path that runs the length of the Thames. There is quite alot of information on the geography, history and wildlife along the river.

This is a brief discription of the Thames River Barrier, the world's largest movable flood barrier.


This is a drawing from the 1850's and a poem about the state of the Thames river.

Trivia Question

2nd Question:
What was the Red Salamander that was terrorized London in the 13th century and who slew it?

First Thames Trivia Question
What famous castle/prison is located next to the Thames in London?

A: The Tower of London.
For more information, see the 5th web site on the list to the left.


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