Elementary Water Resources


Following Fall
A fall phenology program

Stream Doctor Project
Stream Restoration and Monitoring project from the Izaak Walton League

River Writing
Writing Assignments from River Authors
From the EPA- it's Recycle City, an interactive investigation of recycling
Inquiry-based measurement project for winter
Math Mol
Third Grade Water Activities
Self Expressing Earth
Ecological Literacy Through the Arts
A whimsical "garbage-into-art" project.
  Math Mol
Fourth Grade "Matter" Activities
River of Words
An International Children's Art and Poetry Program
The ecological footprint from the Gobar Times, in rural India
  Math Mol
Fifth Grade "Atoms and Elements" Activities

Earth Artist Program
EPA's Environmental Art and Poetry Contest


EPA Curriculum resources
A variety of environmental topics

  EPA Region 1 Curricula
Curricula from New England Area EPA
  EPA Wetlands Curriculum
Activites for studying a wetland


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