Welcome to Rivers of Life

Rivers of Life is a flood of water- related projects, adventures, and initiatives delivered over the Internet to K-12 teachers and learners. 

Much of human history, culture, and inspiration is tied to water. Rivers inspire us, transport us, feed and nourish us, and amuse us. They are places of relaxation, exhilaration, occupation, culture, and history. With Rivers of Life, you'll use rivers and watersheds as an entry point to studies of the environment, and our relationship to Earth. Studying your local watershed will help you make global connections.

As you explore our site, you'll find an extensive collection of resources for use in your classroom study of rivers. We also offer two rich, hands-on subscription based programs, the Mississippi Adventure, a comprehensive study of the nation's largest river system, and the Watershed Atlas Project, an interdisciplinary study that takes students out into their local watershed to gain an intimate knowledge of the place they call home.

Join the Rivers of Life as we study, and celebrate, the artistic, historical and ecological importance of the world's rivers.


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