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Protect Lakes, Streams, Rivers and Wetlands

The Watershed Action site offers one-stop help in planning and organizing service-learning projects to prevent water pollution in your watershed. Within this site you can access everything from scientific background information or curricula, to local experts or stencils for painting storm drain signs.

Identify your watershed. Research community needs. Write a detailed plan for your project.

Browse descriptions of popular water pollution prevention projects. For each project get step-by-step instructions, and link to curricula, equipment, background fact sheets, and organizations.

Read or download fact sheets which explain the science behind water pollution prevention projects. There are a few simple things everyone can do to protect water quality. We need students to help carry these messages to the public.

Identify and order low cost curricula, videos, exhibits, and more. Download Assessment Tasks that meet Minnesota's High Graduation Standards. Link to organizations for equipment, funding, and professional assistance.

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