Links to Volga River Resources
This is the account of a thirty day bicycle trip from Moscow to the Caspian Sea.
An account of sailing up the Volga river ,through the Moscow canal to Moscow, good pictures of Russian life along the Volga.
This is a page on the European Rivers Network page. A good article on the Volga Delta.
An article from the Christian Science Monitor about caviar and the problems the sturgeon faces in the Caspian Sea and at the mouths of the Volga river.
This is a series of photographs from a family's two week vacation near the headwaters of the Volga.

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Trivia Question

Q: How many major bodies of water does the Volga connect to by canal?

A: 2. One to the Baltic Sea by the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the second connects the Volga to the Don River and then to the Black Sea, Adriatic, and Mediterranean.

The first trivia question was: How big does the Beluga Sturgeon grow?

Answer: Up to 2.5 tons and 150 years old!! For more information, check out the fourth web page to the left.

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