Center for Global Environmental Education

News & Updates:

Watch our public television doc, A Sea Change for Superior: The Warming of the World's Largest Lake.

Learn about our upcoming public television doc, Starry Skies Southwest.

Only a few spots left! Register now for our free 2024 Teacher Rivers Institutes for teachers, featuring a new Metro water resource recovery facility tour.

Our Cornerstone Programs

Professional Development

Rivers Institutes, webinars, and graduate courses for educators.

K-12 Classroom Resources

Online K-12 learning resources for teachers and classrooms.

Multimedia Production

Documentaries, exhibit kiosks, video production, interactive learning programs, and more.

Community Outreach

Outreach to raise public awareness and stimulate environmental stewardship.

Over Three Decades of Educational Innovation and Environmental Stewardship

Our purpose: To foster environmental literacy and stewardship in people of all ages.

At the Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), a program of Hamline’s School of Education and Leadership, we have built an enduring tradition of educational excellence, innovation, and leadership spanning more than three decades.

Education happens when learners connect with their subject matter. Our work combines storytelling - the world's oldest means of communication - with the modern tools of technology to build that connection. We use our expertise in the four cornerstone programs above to facilitate environmental literacy and stewardship. 

Our work has evolved through the creation and implementation of acclaimed professional development programs for educators, award-winning curricular resources for K-12 students, and multifaceted public outreach and education campaigns that have engaged millions of people. Our work fosters environmental literacy and stewardship, inspiring local action to address pressing global issues.