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Effective Storytelling in Multimedia

Education happens when learners connect with their subject matter. Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) excels in adapting one of the world's oldest and most effective communication traditions -- storytelling -- to the media of the digital age. 

Since the 1990s, CGEE’s in-house multimedia production team and a national network of partners in video production, programming, illustration, animation, acting, and translation have produced internationally acclaimed multimedia programs. 

Capabilities include:

Public Television Documentaries and Digital Storytelling

Co-Produced with Public TV station PBS North. A Sea Change for Lake Superior will explore the legacy of the world's greatest freshwater lake in a time of unprecedented change.  Learn more.

Co-produced by CGEE and PBS North, our hour-long public television documentary celebrates the wonders of the night sky, newly established Dark Sky sanctuaries in northern Minnesota, Indigenous star knowledge, and the importance of addressing the negative health and environmental impacts of light pollution. Watch a preview on YouTube.

This hour-long documentary and virtual field trip was co-produced by CGEE and PBS affiliate WYES New Orleans. It includes field segments with content experts interviewed by student reporters and was winner of a prestigious NETA award.  View on WYES website.

Chased by the light: A Photograpic Journey with Jim Brandenburg

Produced by CGEE and Aurora Pictures, Chased by the Light follows National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg on his quest to renew his creativity by taking a single picture for each of 90 days in Minnesotaʻs boundary waters wilderness areas. The hour-long film has won dozens of national and international awards and has been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide, throughout Canada, and Scandinavia. See excerpts on Vimeo.

Explore CGEE's YouTube channel to access hundreds of short educational videos on a wide range of environmental, science, and social studies topics. 

Our Multimedia Gallery™ exhibit kiosks are large-format, museum-quality, multi-touch computer installations offering hours of place-based storytelling that deepens visitors’ appreciation and connections to place. CGEE manages a network of more than 70 Gallery kiosks extending across the U.S. from the East Coast to Hawai’i and from Minnesota to Louisiana. The exibit kiosks are placed in highly-visited areas such as resorts, museums, visitor centers, national wildlife refuges, national and state parks as well as coffee shops, brew pubs, and retail establishments.

CGEEʻs Pocket Gallery™ mobile app is the ultimate interpretive field guide and planning resource for your pocket. It offers the same rich media found in Multimedia Gallery™ exhibit kiosks, plus turn-by-turn driving directions, walking and driving tours, historic timelines, and a live-view function that uses the deviceʻs camera to locate nearby points of interest.

four large screen multimedia gallery exhibit kiosks with images of Hawai'i birds, the Mississippi river, a sea turtle, and Lake Superior, respectively. Each has title text and the words "touch to begin" on the screen
6 images of a phone with screens showing the functionality of the pocket gallery app. They are labeled: launch screen; main menu; points of interest; points of interest detail; map view; live view augmented reality

Interactive Tools For K-12 Classroom Learning

Waters to the Sea® Online K-12 Learning Resource 

Waters to the Sea® is a series of internationally acclaimed, interactive multimedia learning for grades 4-8 about North America's waterways and the watersheds that sustain them. Explore NGSS-standards-aligned, place-based stories, videos, images, and interactive modules about each watershed's natural and cultural heritage. 

Interactive Learning Modules

Explore dozens of award-winning learning modules and programs focused on wide range of environmental, science, and social studies themes, from estuary ecosystems to monarch butterfly migration to climate change on our K-12 Classroom Resources page.

Production Services

Explore with us how your organization's educational mission can be enhanced at CGEE. Learn more about multimedia at CGEE through the links to the right. Our experience includes partnerships with prominent national and international nonprofit organizations and federal and state agencies. 


John Shepard

Assistant Director of CGEE, and Director of Multimedia Development