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Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™

A Curated Exploration of America's Greatest River

The Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ offers national audiences a museum-quality, immersive exploration of the Mississippi River from its Headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico. The program’s large-format (55”), multi-touch, ultra high-resolution (4K) table-top computer kiosks bring the riverway vividly to life through highly detailed map explorations and compelling stories told through high-definition video, photo galleries, and immersive panorama photography. The Gallery includes segments focusing on river-inspired work by notable artists and special places of historic and natural importance, and provides a window on what’s happening now at select locations along the river’s length.

The Gallery is a powerful, engaging, multimedia story-telling experience for audiences of all ages—tourists and residents, from Minnesota to Louisiana—one that can be readily adapted to other regions. The program was developed by Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), building on more than a decade of educational program development about the Mississippi. Support has been provided by CGEE’s sponsors in the Greater New Orleans area: the Arlene and Joseph Meraux Foundation, the Burns-Torres Trust, Associated Terminals, and Turn Services. 

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Intimate Interactivity

The table-top kiosk format allows for an intimate exploration shared by a small group that can also be projected for viewing by a larger audience. Media content is accessed by hotspots on a Google-Earth-style map interface that offers detailed, touch-based map explorations at multiple levels of scale. Hotspot buttons play media elements, and the entire program can be experienced simultaneously by up to four users at once.

The River Through the Arts

This segment features HD videos, photography, and interactive 360-degree immersive panoramas that showcase how artists throughout the length of the Mississippi have interpreted and been influenced by the waterway.

The River Through Time and Place
This segment includes media stories about important people, places, and events in the river's natural and cultural history as well as interactive games drawn from CGEE’s extensive multimedia resource library.


John Shepard: Project Producer, Assistant Director