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large banner hanging in a sun-filled building. The banner is blue with the words "Storm Drain Goalie" it has cartoon characters of a rain drop and different pollutants like trash and pet waste and leaves

Community Outreach Programs

The Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) builds partnerships through our community outreach in order to celebrate our relationship with the natural world, raise public awareness of environmental issues, and stimulate environmental stewardship.

The Watershed Partners is a coalition of more than 70 organizations in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area that promotes a public understanding that inspires people to act to protect water quality in their watershed. 

Adopt-a-Drain makes it easy for cities to engage residents in watershed protection

Teacher training and support, online resources, and classroom materials to help educators integrate Adopt-a-Drain into their own curriculum and classroom.

An exhibit at the MN State Fair with fun activities to learn about nonpoint source water pollution.

The Sustainable Commons blog serves as a forum for ideas and action and for staying in touch with our partners, students, supporters, and friends. Engage with topics that are central to CGEE’s mission: Sustainable Energy and Transportation, Environmental and Science Education and Water and Watersheds.