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A National Clean-Water Program

Adopt-a-Drain is a community engagement program aimed at protecting local waterways. Residents "adopt" a drain, give it a name, remove debris from the drain, and report their cleaning activities. By working together, communities can keep their water clean and reduce street flooding.

Adopt-a-Drain was developed by the Center for Global Environmental Education and the Metro Watershed Partners in 2014, after surveying existing programs and finding none that met our needs. The program is based on extensive research and best practices in environmental psychology and behavior change and was refined through focus groups with residents and local water organizations.

Bring Adopt-a-Drain to the Classroom

Introducing the Adopt-a-Drain K-12 program. Printed materials, online resources, and professional support to help K-12 educators flexibly integrate this program into their own curriculum, school, and community. 

Storm Drain Adoption Programs in the United States

Read our 2022 report about Storm Drain Adoption programs in the United States

Some of our findings:

A map of the United States with states colored by the number of drain adoption programs in the state. MN is the darkest color as it has the most programs.

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