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2024 St. Louis River and Estuary Institute featuring Waters to the Sea®

Free for Educators and Face-to-Face!

St. Louis River and Estuary Institute  | June 24-26, 2024 | Duluth, MN 

Activities Include

Workshop Goals

To increase teachers' knowledge of St. Louis River and Estuary related content, enhance STEM-focused investigation skills, expand literacy skills, and help guide the development of meaningful, engaging investigations for students learning remotely and in the classroom.


All elementary and middle school formal and informal teachers, as well as teacher teams are welcome to apply. 

Each Rivers Institute Participant Will Receive

Waters to the Sea®

Rivers Institute participants will receive and explore a suite of multimedia learning modules designed to help students in grades 3-8 understand critical water issues through engaging stories and visualizations. Check out Waters to the Sea® new interactive multimedia learning materials about Lake Superior's natural and cultural history.


Sara Robertson
Program Administrator