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Kauaʻi Multimedia Gallery™

A Curated Exploration of Kauaʻi Natural and Cultural History

*Developed in Partnership with the Kauaʻi Museum

The Kauaʻi Multimedia Gallery™ offers Kauaʻi visitors and residents a museum-quality, immersive exploration of selections from the museum’s artifact collection and place-based stories about Kauai’s natural and cultural history.

The program’s large-format (55”), multi-touch, ultra high-resolution (4K) table-top computer kiosk brings subject matter vividly to life through highly detailed maps, high-definition video, photo galleries, and 360-degree landscape and object panoramas. The Gallery was developed through a collaborative partnership between the Kauaʻi Museum and Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE).

Intimate Interactivity

The table-top kiosk format provides an intimate multimedia experience for individuals and small groups. The program’s content can also be projected for viewing by a larger audience. Media elements can be searched by category or accessed by hotspots on a Google-Earth-style map of Kauaʻi that offers detailed explorations at multiple levels of scale. When multiple museum visitors join the program, the screen splits into segments so that up to four users have full access to all content at the same time.

Natural History

This segment of the Kauaʻi Multimedia Gallery™ features HD videos, photography, and interactive 360-degree landscape panoramas that showcase the incomparable beauty of Kauaʻi's environments—from the misty rain forests of the rugged Nā Pali Coast and high-elevation Alakai Swamp on the island’s North Shore to the sunny beaches of Poiʻpū and the grandeur of Waimea Canyon. In depth stories focus on rare forest birds, endangered monk seals, and special habitats found off the beaten path. These themes are enhanced by connections to the museum’s exhibits and rich artifact collections.

Cultural History

Multimedia stories bring to life ancient traditions reaching back to Hawaii’s earliest Polynesian settlers and profiles of the diverse cultures that are found on Kauaʻi today. The program will allow users close-up explorations of rare cultural artifacts through 360-degree object panoramas. Key museum exhibits are linked to the special places and environments around the island where they have their roots.



John Shepard: Project Producer, Assistant Director