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Online K-12 Learning Resources

Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education is an internationally recognized pioneer in creating thematic and place-based online learning resources for K-12 students. Explore our highlighted programs below or view our full list of online K-12 learning resources here.

New Releases!

Storm Drain Stewardship


Mississippi River

Waters to the Sea® 

Place-based online K-12 learning resources filled with stories, videos, images, and interactive modules about waterways. Each series celebrate a region's natural and cultural heritage.

Lake Superior

Classroom Programs

Our classroom program offers support and training for teachers, along with classroom materials.

illustration of child and adult sweeping up around a storm drain. Text reads "Sign up! Citizen Science and Service Learning Program for K-12 Teachers"

Adopt a Drain K-12 Program

Adopt-a-Drain K-12 helps teachers bring the Adopt-a-Drain program to their classroom. We help educators flexibly integrate this program into their own curriculum, school, and community by providing training and support, online resources, and classroom materials. 

Hundreds of educational videos await you on CGEE’s YouTube channel to cover a wide range of environmental and science topics and geographic regions. Use them to inspire wonder, provoke thinking and insights, or introduce topics of study like engineering design, photography aesthetics, or the wonders of water.


Kris Bennett
Director of K-12 Resources