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About CGEE

Since 1990 CGEE has been a pioneer in environmental education, blending place-based, experiential learning with far-reaching digital technologies. 


Programs exploring topics of importance, featuring guest presenters and CGEE media resources. 

American Indian Stories

Stories of American lands and waters from indigenous perspectives. 

Educator Resources

Videos for educators in science practices, inquiry pedagogy, and experiential learning. 

One-Minute Wonders

Shorts from CGEE's video archive. Use them to inspire wonder, provoke thinking and insights, or introduce topics of study like engineering design, photography aesthetics, or the wonders of water. 

River Institute

CGEE’s model professional development institutes draw educators from throughout the U.S. to engage in hands-on explorations of major river systems. 

Science and Engineering Practices in Action

Videos documenting the key practices that guide scientists and engineers in their work. 

Mississippi River

Dozens of place-based videos tell the story of America’s most iconic river, blending science, history, and the arts. 

Kaua'i and Hawai'i

The world’s most remote archipelago provides incomparable lessons in geology, climate, natural and cultural history and watershed management.